​Czech Republic will take next step in online sales reporting (ERR)

As from May 2020, businesses that conduct so-called ‘qualifying sales’ have the obligation to report their sales transactions via the Electronic Reporting of Revenues (ERR). The sales to be registered are transactions for which a payment in cash, cheque, promissory note or similar means is made.

Payments made by direct bank account transfers and card payments made through payment terminals or online transactions carried out through e.g. a payment gateway (PayPal etc.) are not subject to ERR.

The steps as outlined by the CZ authorities are:

  1. Entrepreneur (e.g. retail shop) sends XML data message about the transaction to the Financial Authority.
  2. Financial Authority sends back confirmation of receipt with a unique code (FIK - Fiscal identification code).
  3. Entrepreneur issues a receipt (including the FIK) and provides it to the customer.
  4. The customer receives the receipt.
  5. Registration of the sale can be verified through the web application of the Financial Authority. The customer can verify his/her receipt; entrepreneur can verify the sales registered under his name.
16 Oct 2019 at 10:00 am