Consolidated Commercial Invoice (CCI) creation within a direct supply chain organization

Balancing flexibility, efficiency and cost effective processing is a constant challenge within a manufacturing supply chain organization. Multiple production locations and/or sourcing partners allow for flexibility and can potentially minimize the lead-time for delivery towards your clients.

However this flexibility comes at a cost. Often, one client order will result in multiple shipsets and several commercial invoices. Increasing the cost for document legalization, as well as clearances and associated brokerage fees. Costs that are either absorbed by your organization or that of your client.

Can these costs be minimized/avoided?

The answer is yes; Pincvision offers a Consolidated Commercial Invoice service. This allows a CCI to be created, which reduces the number of commercial invoices to the bare minimum. For every delivery/shipment, one consolidated commercial invoice is created, minimizing legalization and clearance and brokerage costs.

As an example, one delivery can consist of 40 commercial invoices that need legalization with the Chamber of Commerce, e.g. the Egypt embassy and the ministry of Foreign Affairs. These legalization costs, associated to just the commercial invoices, in this example roll-up to around € 4.000,- for this delivery. The CCI service Pincvision provides, allows to reduce these costs to less than € 100,-. A significant cost reduction that benefits you as well as your clients.

However, opportunities like these present themselves on a daily basis. The focus Pincvision has on trade compliance processes allows us to drive these innovations. Resulting in business process improvements and a cost reduction within your supply chain execution.

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29 Feb 2016 at 4:22 pm