Conformity assessment program for Niger

On 1st March, the Agence Nationale de Vérification de Conformité aux Normes (AVCN) will start the Product Conformity Assessment program.

The objective of this program is to protect the consumers against substandard products that can endanger public health, safety and the environment. Under this program, an independent third party shall certify that goods that will be imported in Niger, are in conformity with applicable national, regional or international standards. SGS is one of the parties accredited by the AVCN to provide this service.

All goods shipped on or after 1 March 2015 are subject to this new program. These goods can only be imported in Niger against a Certificate of Conformity, issued by a AVCN accredited independent party. In case goods arrive without Certificate of Conformity, the AVCN will levy a penalty.

Source: SGS

17 Feb 2015 at 3:43 pm