​Clarity on the WEEE Open Scope in Denmark

Denmark has announced their way of tackling the introduction of the WEEE open scope.

With their new order on WEEE (148/2018) it has become clear that Denmark will only fully introduce the new categories in 2019. Registered producers will have to transpose their put on the market in the WEEE register to the 6 categories of the open scope. This will have to be done by the 31st of December 2019. Denmark will also introduce a 7th category for photovoltaic panels.

An additional aspect of the change in legislation is a more lenient approach to the obligation to audit the declarations in Denmark. Previously only producers with an annual turnover for WEEE of <1.000.000 DKK were exempted. With this new legislation producers can also be exempted if their balance sheet total, total revenue or number of full time staff are small enough.


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Source: Retsinformation.dk

27 Mar 2018 at 4:45 pm