Checklist Trade compliance; are you in control?

Compliance with international administrative rules is often seen as a necessary but time consuming and burdensome task. With a smart approach, you can turn this burden into commercial opportunities. Have you thought about all aspects?

In collaboration with Supply Chain Magazine we have created a practical checklist consisting of 10 questions on the regulations of cross-border goods flows. We advise Trade Compliance Managers to do this checklist to see if your supply chain trade is compliant. Additionally, you'll check that your company is at any major risk in your compliance processes and if you risk delays.

Fill in the checklist!

Have you answered the majority of questions with 'No'?

In that case, your company not only is at serious risk in terms of violating trade legislation. Your company also misses out on opportunities to respond commercially to changes in international trade treaties.

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24 Apr 2020 at 3:00 pm