Bulgaria: WEEE declaration must align with Intrastat declaration

In Bulgaria, producers can fulfill their obligations from the ‘Ordinance on requirements for marketing of EEE and treatment & transportation of WEEE’ either by paying a product fee charged on import, or by joining a collective compliance scheme.

Besides paying the product fee, producers have the obligation to:

  • collect at least 4 kg of WEEE per capita
  • reach the 75% recovery and reuse target

Most producers choose to join a collective compliance scheme because these schemes take over the above mentioned obligations and their WEEE-fee is lower than the product fee.

The Ministry of Environment and Water is the competent authority to control whether the obligations from the Ordinance are met. Collective compliance schemes have to submit all data from their members yearly. Article 56 (5) point 1 states that the Ministry is authorized to audit the WEEE declarations against Intrastat declarations. For this reason, collective compliance schemes ask their members to sign an additional annex to their contract stating their WEEE and Intrastat declarations align.

By signing this annex producers declare that both declarations align. If an audit reveals that it is not the case in practice, the producer itself will be held responsible.

Please be aware that this means that your internal procedures possibly need to be adjusted in order to be able to reconcile your environmental declaration data with your Intrastat declaration data.

If you are facing any difficulties reconciling your data or adjusting your processes, do not hesitate to contact our specialists. We would be glad to support you.

01 Sep 2012 at 3:03 pm