Breakthrough in Italian labeling obligations

The packaging obligations for Italy are changing on a regular basis but at last, there is good news for producers that take responsibility for their packaging or packaged goods in Italy.

CONAI has released a guide on how to apply all of the, quite recently introduced, labeling obligations digitally. According to the guide, a digital channel can be used to comply to these obligations. A digital channel may be for example an app or QR code. Digital channels can represent a substitute for the physical/material affixing of labeling on packaging. For instance, it is possible to:

  • Completely substitute the physical/material labeling with the digital one. In this case, the complete information would be available only through the chosen digital channels, and not physically on the packaging.
  • Choose to communicate only part of the mandatory information through digital channels. For instance, for packaging destined for the final consumer, it is possible to affix the material identification code directly on the packaging and to use digital channels for conveying the sorting instructions, or vice versa.
  • Affix all the mandatory information directly on the packaging and use digital channels for conveying further and voluntary information about the environmental characteristics of the packaging.

This will definitely come as a relieve for most producers involved as this is also a frequently asked question for the Environmental team as well. Bear in mind that although CONAI has released a guide, it might still be changed as CONAI has requested consultation from it’s members.

Following the consultation, the comments received will be taken into account for the revision of the document which will be published in December.

Pincvision for your environmental compliance obligations

You can reach out to us in case you have any questions regarding environmental compliance. We will keep you informed about the development regarding environmental obligations and enforcement, or other relevant topics which will be mentioned in our newsletter.

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23 Nov 2022 at 2:26 pm
3 min
Published by:
Joris te Pas
Environmental Compliance Specialist
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