Best–in-class: IT solutions Pincvision

At Pincvision we value our customers. We know the day to day challenges of being and staying compliant. Therefore, we invest in sustainable solutions. We have a team of specialists who provide excellent knowledge. We are Best-in-class when it comes to compliance and topnotch IT solutions are an essential part of this. Over the past years, we have been building several new solutions. Time to tell you a little bit more about how this innovative power is put to work ‘behind-the-scenes’ and to share some insights regarding our technical developments and capabilities.

When three become one

For years, we worked successfully with several separate tools for our VAT & Intrastat services and Environmental services. Given the intertwined nature of these returns, we developed the idea of designing a new solution that combines the services for these 3 disciplines. This to support the ambitions of Pincvision to be the front running company recognized as the authority on VAT, Intrastat and Environmental compliance processes. And so we did! We developed a bright new solution. We will reveal the new name in a few weeks, but already build up the excitement by giving you periodic sneak peaks and previews!

The world of compliance is rapidly changing due to increasing exports and sharpened enforcement by authorities. These developments and the authorities' approach to spot anomalies by using ‘big data’ analytics to trigger audits, ask for innovative counter development. With our new solution we can act quickly when it comes to new or changing regulations, to keep our customers’ processes compliant. We will be able to interact with our clients and easily provide them with management information of all their compliance flows.

Drawing board

We started off brainstorming about the needs our current customers have: how could we provide them with the right solution and services based on the current tooling?

With our findings we went back to the drawing board and made our vision about this project clear. Building topnotch solutions doesn’t happen overnight. After our initial idea was outlined, we invited experts in the field to help us out with the execution of this project. Together with one of our IT partners we developed a prototype to determine the feasibility and usability for our customers. After which we started to enhance features to become excellent and even more customer driven.

Biggest challenge was to create a streamlined automated process with enough flexibility to incorporate customer specific requirements and support the VAT, Intrastat and Environmental analysts in their day to day processes. With taking out some manual checks, we have to make sure the solution is solid for execution. Of course processes like these come with trial and error, but eventually it leads to the best performance and a high-quality process.

We are extremely satisfied with the end result. We are able to deliver a solution which is scalable, has accurate (legal) information and is easy to work with. For both our employees that work with the software on a daily basis, as well as our customers who login to stay in control of their compliance processes. For example, we receive the data from our customers and enhance the data in order to prepare the declarations. For each country the VAT legislation is available and the correct format for VAT returns are automatically generated. The management dashboard provides an overview of all different services for all countries concerned.


We started with the internal implementation of using our new solution. This means customers need to be setup in the new system and tests are conducted. We want to make sure that the transition is a smooth process so that our customers do not encounter any obstacles. In fact, our customers should only need to experience benefits with the introduction of the new tool.

So in short, behind the scenes we started working with it already. Soon the logins for our customers will be available. A big new step! We cannot wait to tell you all about our new solution: finally being able to reveal the name and to share the new functionalities and opportunities it brings along for you. The official product launch is to be planned soon! We will then personally inform you about the solution and the benefits it has for your organization and processes.

The team behind the solution

Our strength lies in our people. Not only the ones who are responsible for building this solution, but also the people who work with it on a daily basis. We trained our employees to become experts. When customers have difficulties, our team will guide them. In a digital world the key to a successful transition is still the personal interaction.

We will keep you updated...!

25 Aug 2017 at 10:59 am