Find out in which EU Member States you have packaging obligations

As the person responsible for environmental compliance within your organization, you know that different environmental laws apply in each country.

Thresholds packaging requirements

Are you doing business within the European Union? Then pay attention to this! With regard to packaging obligations in EU Member States, you must take responsibility for all packaging materials that are put on the local market.

In France, Germany and several other EU member states, there are no thresholds for this. This means that if you have sales activities in one of these countries, your organization has definitely packaging obligations that you are obliged to comply with.

In some EU Member States you have obligations above certain weights or amounts. In these countries the packaging obligations are therefore dependent on certain thresholds.

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In which countries do you have packaging obligations? What are the thresholds per country? Find it out in our whitepaper created by our specialists.

1. Overview of EU Member States that have no thresholds for packaging obligations
2. Overview of EU Member States with corresponding thresholds for packaging obligations for distance and local sellers

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Background information packaging obligations

International trade can cause a lot of challenges. Sometimes it is hard to keep track of all obligations that come with your business. Pincvision is convinced that trade compliance obligations should never be a barrier in your company’s global trade. When it comes to environmental obligations, you should take into account, among others, the packaging directive, battery obligations and WEEE obligations.

Enterprises putting packaging on the market for the first time are individually responsible for collection and recycling of packaging as obviously packaging in the end becomes waste.

This responsibility is dictated by the EU Packaging directive (94/62/EC) which is addressed to all European member states. Per member state this directive has been put into national law, unfortunately leading to quite different situations per country.

Ultimately this means your business might or might not have packaging obligations, all depending on method of sales, country and/or quantities sold (thresholds).

Pincvision Environmental services

Aren't you sure how to comply with these packaging or other environmental obligations? Pincvision is very happy to help you. Have a look at our Environmental service pages.

Feel free to contact us for more information and find out how we help international companies with their environmental obligations. Call +31(0)88-4321800 or send an email to info@pincvision.com.

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