Attention for e-bike producers: the WEEE open scope will affect you!

With the arrival of the new WEEE open scope this August many producers in Europe will face new obligations. Producers of e-bikes need to pay special attention, as these type of products will need to be classified as WEEE under the open scope.

With the arrival of this new obligation producers of e-bikes will now have to deal with multiple pieces of environmental legislation. Previously they only needed to comply for the batteries in the bikes.

With these extended obligations producers will have to set up take-back systems for e-bikes that become waste. One method of doing so is by joining a compliance scheme for WEEE in the countries that producers are active. Wecycle, a major compliance scheme for WEEE in the Netherlands, has provided a specific membership offer for producers of e-bikes, in order to provide an incentive to join as quickly as possible.

Are you not sure if this new obligation applies to you?

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Source: Bike Europe

25 Jul 2018 at 12:42 pm