15th of August: the official start of the WEEE Open Scope!

It has been the main topic of many updates from our environmental team this year: the new WEEE Open Scope in Europe!

According to the WEEE directive all EU Member States were obligated to implement the new WEEE categories in their national systems by August 15, 2018. Therefore, the official deadline passed last week. However, this does not mean that all countries have transitioned to the new categories yet. There still is much uncertainty about when Member States will switch to the open scope.

One of the countries that did transition last week was Portugal. All producers that were registered in the national Siliamb register were notified that they needed to update their WEEE information in the system. The old WEEE categories have been removed from the system and producers need to provide information on their put on the market in the new categories. This needs to be done in order to be able to properly file annual reports in Portugal from 2019 onwards.

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22 Aug 2018 at 3:18 pm