Whitepaper: Intrastat thresholds and deadlines 2021 for all EU Member States

Our Intrastat team completed the list with Intrastat thresholds and deadlines for all EU Member States for 2021.

As every year there are a few EU Member States that have implemented changes regarding the thresholds for reporting the Intrastat Arrival and Dispatch declaration. This year, Italy and Bulgaria have changed their thresholds. You can find these changes in the complete overview which is outlined in our whitepaper. This overview contains each EU Member State and is verified by all statistical offices of the Member States themselves.

Besides the changes in thresholds in Italy and Bulgaria, there are also changes in Intrastat reporting in the UK as a result of Brexit. Read more about this in our article "Brexit and Intrastat: how to report Intrastat around & after Brexit?".

Download whitepaper Intrastat thresholds and deadlines for 2021

Would you like to download the complete overview of the Intrastat thresholds and deadlines for 2021 of all countries and the changes in comparison to 2020?

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10 Feb 2021 at 3:19 pm
1 min
Published by:
Vera Hendriksen
Intrastat Compliance Specialist
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