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​Brexit and Intrastat: how to report Intrastat around & after Brexit?

In case of a no deal Brexit, the United Kingdom will no longer belong to the European Union and therefore become a non-EU country. Additionally, the Intrastat requirements will no longer be applicable for the UK. What will these changes look like in practice?

​No more Intrastat obligations in the United Kingdom​

Intrastat obligations are obligations imposed by Eurostat. When the UK is no longer part of the EU, the Intrastat obligations that you are accustomed to comply with will no longer apply.

After Brexit, all Intrastat obligations in the United Kingdom will cease. The data collection in which Intrastat is used is then replaced by the data collection with Extrastat *.

Intrastat reporting in the UK and other EU member states around Brexit

  • Before Brexit: All intra-community arrivals and dispatches between the UK and other EU member states will have to be declared in Intrastat.
  • After Brexit: The imports and exports of goods from/to the UK as from January 1, 2021 onwards will not be considered intra-community movements, therefore will not be declared in Intrastat declarations.

Changes to make to ensure correct Intrastat reporting around Brexit

In data used for Intrastat reporting (i.e. ERP systems, logistics data), transactions coming from and going to the UK will have to be considered as non-EU from January 1, 2021 onwards, excluding them for Intrastat reporting.

*Extrastat is the term referred to data on trade in goods with non-EU countries and collected by customs authorities through customs declarations. Under a no deal scenario, the Extrastat data collection will remain unchanged. However, the number of companies that are expected to make customs declarations will increase because companies that trade with the UK are obliged to file customs declarations.

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