DMS 4.1 - The Quarter of Truth

The last quarter of this year has arrived, a period that is crucial for all parties involved in the transition to DMS 4.1. For those involved in DMS implementation, this quarter is the moment of truth.

In my role as community member on the AGS/SPA/GPA to DMS project, together with representatives from industry and Customs, we are trying to find solutions to transfer as many declarants to DMS as possible, but also find opportunities for tailored solutions.

The dependence on software suppliers is huge and each software supplier keeps its own schedule. Apart from the fact that a number of software vendors are not yet ready in time for DMS 4.1, there will be even more pressure on business in terms of implementations.

It is very ambitious (if not almost impossible) to start and finish a full DMS 4.1 implementation before the deadline of 31 December 2023 for companies that currently file GPA declarations and, in a number of cases, use multiple customs procedures in combination with the chain arrangement. This is especially true if a software vendor currently is not able to deliver any of the DMS 4.1 functionality in a test environment and the implementation is completely on hold.

Of course, the declarant can prepare the implementation, but after all the real implementation can only start once the software and interface files can be tested.

From an EU perspective

There is now talk that other member states cannot fully meet their obligations regarding the use of the new data model in the local declaration system either. In response, requests have been made to Brussels for a generic postponement. However, no commitments have yet been made on this, so no concrete examples can yet be used as a frame of reference.

his means that until further notice, the deadline for the Netherlands still stands at 31-12-2023.

So how to proceed?

The Dutch Customs cannot grant new generic deferrals, so the industry does not have to wait for new opportunities. It will soon become clear what opportunities the Dutch Customs can offer to businesses to complete the DMS 4.1 implementations in an acceptable manner.

In the meantime, Pincvision & AEB will continue with the implementations, as scheduled with customers and as aligned during the Customs' audits.

As you have read above, it will be another exciting quarter!

Do you as a declarant doubt whether you have made the right choices for your DMS implementation? You can contact me to discuss your other possibilities!

Would you first like to read what our solution looks like? Then take a look here.

10 Oct 2023 at 10:54 am
2 min
Published by:
Peter Italiaander
Head of Customs & Trade Affairs
Simplified Procedure DMS 4.1 Bonded Warehouse DMS 4.1
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