Pincvision Continues to Develop

Since 2009, Pincvision has been recognized as an Authorized Economic Operator for Safety and Security (AEO-S). This is not only a sign of our reliability but also a testament to our dedication and expertise in what we do. And we continue to evolve.

Since November 1, Pincvision has reached another milestone. We have acquired the AEO-F (Full) license, an achievement that directly benefits you as a customer. This license enables us to simplify and streamline your import and export processes even further. As a proud reseller of AEB software, now enriched with our brand-new AEO-F license, we offer more than ever before.


With the new AEO-F license, Pincvision can, in addition to the existing DMS services, facilitate the import and/or export processes as a Customs Representative in the Netherlands. From closing T1 declarations to preparing export documents – we can relieve you of these tasks from A to Z. Our systems are optimized for maximum automation and efficiency, based on your transactional data.

Moreover, with the AEB Broker Integration portal, we offer seamless integration for your declarations in other EU member states. Your import and export data are consistently reused for customs declarations, ensuring smooth and error-free processing.

Our AEO expertise is not limited to our own processes. We have guided numerous companies through their AEO implementations and monitoring, and we have seen how challenges such as staff changes and a lack of focus on customs compliance can lead to risks. Pincvision is ready to support your business and minimize these risks.

A special moment

During our last quarterly meeting, I, Peter Italiaander, had the pleasure of personally presenting our newly acquired AEO-F license to our CEO, Edo Bosga. This moment symbolizes a fantastic milestone that we at Pincvision have been diligently working towards for years.

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04 Dec 2023 at 9:36 am
3 min
Published by:
Peter Italiaander
Head of Customs & Trade Affairs
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