GOEIC upholds decrees for mandatory Certificate of Inspection to Egypt

Since March 16, 2016 the Ministry of Industry and Foreign Affairs in Egypt has set new decrees regarding the mandatory Certificate of Inspection.

Register your regulated products at GOEIC

The list of regulated products have been extended. Are you exporting to Egypt? Then you should know that in order to be allowed to export to Egypt, manufacturers or trademark owners must register their regulated products at GOEIC. Regulated products are among others:

Food productsIndustrial goods
Agricultural productsElectrical devices
Various foodsTextiles and clothing
Fruit and vegetablesShoes and accessories
Animal and vegetable fatPersonal care products
Vegetable oil

Manufacturers or Trademark Owners can register their products themselves or the registration can be handled via a Certified Body such as SGS, Intertek or Cotecna. Besides the registration there is also the need for a physical inspection.

Recent Update GOEIC

These decrees were set up some time ago, but recently Egypt’s General Organisation for Export & Import Control (GOEIC) has started to uphold these decrees. The Certificate of Inspection that has been issued by a Certified Body needs to be issued before the Bill of Lading. If the date of the Bill of Lading precedes the date on the Certificate of Inspection, GOEIC will reject the request at Customs.

Let Pincvision assist you

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Source: Intertek

28 Sep 2020 at 12:08 am
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Marieke Menkveld-Theijssen
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