Egypt tightens rules for importing goods

Egypt will tighten its rules on importing goods starting from May 22, 2022.

A Certificate of Conformity or Inspection was already required for all regulated goods imported into Egypt. However, the list of regulated products has now been expanded by the Egyptian General Organization for Export and Import Control (GOIEC).

A new decree requires that all shipments containing regulated products, arriving at Egyptian ports, must be tested and have pre-inspection certificates prior to shipping. This Certificate of Conformity should be obtained from the inspection agencies that are authenticated and listed at the GOIEC website and their scope of testing is according to the Egyptian standard specifications.

The following products must be added to the scope of regulated products as of May 22, 2022:

Egypt tightens rules on importing goods

Random testing will be applied on the shipments at the GOIEC laboratories, and in case of any failure, the shipment will be subject to re-exporting.

What does this mean for your shipments?

We are aware that the mentioned HS codes are very general. Therefore, please get in touch with us to understand whether or not your products are regulated from May 22 to avoid unpleasant surprises at the border! We can help you out.

Pincvision collaborates with several world's leading inspection companies, and therefore we can offer our customers maximum flexibility and service. One invoice, one contact person and always the best and consistent quality.

Click here to read more about our Certificate of Conformity services.

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28 Apr 2022 at 4:15 pm
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Published by:
Marco Terberg
Sales Manager
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