State secretary Aukje de Vries (Customs) visits Pincvision

PRESS RELEASE -- On Monday 20 February, State Secretary for Finance Aukje de Vries paid a working visit to the Achterhoek (region in the province of Gelderland). One of the components of her portfolio is Customs. She visited Pincvision, an international Doetinchem-based company in the field of outsourcing export obligations.

Purpose of the visit

Digitisation of international trade is a hot topic. Optimally streamlined procedures require close, practical cooperation between Customs and companies. In conversation with Pincvision, the State Secretary was updated on how they (and their clients) experience the current cooperation with Customs.

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Risk management and monitoring in the area of Customs and Trade is a big topic within the Customs world right now. Pincvision explained how it helps multinationals comply with all export obligations by bringing knowledge and data together in the right way. This allows these companies to conduct carefree business across the globe.

Opportunities for a future-proof Customs

Opportunities for a future-proof Customs were also discussed. In this, it is important to reduce the shortage of adequately trained customs professionals. "The digitisation of processes requires different types of skilled workers. By integrating the Customs profession into ( intermediate vocational education) courses, such as logistics and financial studies, we can enthuse young people and make them consciously choose the wonderful Customs profession. An increase in educated Customs people, this benefits both Customs and business," said Peter Italiaander, Head of Customs & Trade Affairs at Pincvision.

Zohair El Yassini, VVD Member of Parliament and spokesperson for secondary vocational education, labour migration and labour market discrimination, said the following in response: "What happens too often is that education programmes are looked at from a national perspective. We have to move away from that. That is why there are now agreements that the business community, vocational education, the ministry and SBB (Samenwerkingsorganisatie Beroepsonderwijs Bedrijfsleven) talk about employment at regional level. Based on those outcomes, we adjust educational programmes."

After a tour of the company and some personal talks with employees, the working visit came to an end. State Secretary Aukje de Vries looks back on the afternoon: "For my work as State Secretary for Customs, it is important to hear first-hand from companies how legislation and regulations work out in practice and how the cooperation between companies and government works. That is why I regularly go on working visits to engage in discussions. For example, how this company in the 'Achterhoek' helps other companies with exports, but also what bottlenecks in regulations they sometimes encounter." De Vries: "This visit together with the VVD Gelderland contributes to that. In this way, we as politicians, from the Provincial Council, or for example in The Hague, know what is needed to give more space where we can. Pincvision's desire to get more people to choose the Customs profession is a starting point I obviously share! It is a wonderful profession and much needed for our economy and security."

The State Secretary was among others accompanied during the working visit by Helga Witjes and Jan Markink, both Deputies of the province of Gelderland. Witjes is also a list leader for the Provincial Council elections on behalf of the VVD: "Pincvision is another unexpected pearl; a particularly beautiful Achterhoek company of which we can be proud. This company takes care of SMEs and large international companies when doing business abroad. Again today, we heard that companies are willing to abide by rules, but they should not be restrictive. One of the VVD's spearheads also in the province! SMEs should be able to do what they are good at, because they provide enough jobs and earn the money needed for Education, Care and, for example, Defence."

20 Feb 2023 at 3:46 pm
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Carola Bregman-Evers
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