Partnership Pincvision and De Graafschap renewed: a strong partnership for over 10 years

Pincvision and De Graafschap have announced the renewal of their partnership. We are proud of our longstanding partnership, which has now lasted for over 10 years.

One of the things we focus on together is the development of young talent in the Achterhoek region through the De Graafschap youth academy. Pincvision will also remain connected to the Heerenboeren network.

Henk Bloemers,
Commercial Manager of De Graafschap, shares his enthusiasm about the continuation of the partnership with Pincvision: "We are proud of the many years that we work alongside Pincvision. An international brand which has its roots in the Achterhoek. We are pleased to continue this wonderful partnership."

The partnership is characterized by a strong social character, which both parties value highly. Rob Holtslag, COO at Pincvision, is also proud of the continuation of the partnership: "In a year that was not the happiest for De Graafschap from a sporting point of view, we remain by their side as a proud partner, in good times and bad. Together, therefore, we are enthusiastically looking forward to a new season, full of opportunities and success on and off the field!"

Carola Bregman-Evers
, Brand & Sr. Marketing Manager adds: "We have noticed for years that the cooperation with De Graafschap provides a perfect platform for us to increase our brand awareness in this region. The fact that we were a back sponsor 10 years ago is something we still hear back in our job interviews. It's great that we get extra attention through De Graafschap and that job seekers know how to find us because of this."

The partnership between Pincvision and De Graafschap remains a great example of a successful regional cooperation in which both parties strengthen each other.

De Graafschap - Pincvision Partnership 23-24

From left to right: Rob Holtslag, Henk Bloemers, Carola Bregman-Evers

21 Jun 2023 at 12:00 pm
2 min
Published by:
Carola Bregman-Evers
Brand & Sr. Marketing Manager
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