Intrastat Thresholds and Deadlines 2024

Each year, statistical authorities of all EU Member States define the thresholds and deadlines for Intrastat. For 2024, the Intrastat thresholds have been published by the statistical authorities.

Changes in thresholds for 2024

In 2024, some EU Member States have increased their thresholds. The threshold for both arrival and dispatch have been increased in Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania and Poland. The threshold only for Arrival has changed in Cyprus, Denmark, Latvia, Portugal and Slovenia. The other countries didn’t change the thresholds for 2024 so these will be the same as in 2023. In our upcoming whitepaper you’ll find an overview of all thresholds, deadlines and statistical authority per EU Member State for 2024.

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The Netherlands and France

Similar to previous year, both France and the Netherlands removed the thresholds and have a different approach. They will notify the taxpayers that are subject to the submission of the Intrastat returns. In order to determine if a company must start submitting Intrastat returns, The Statistics authorities, or CBS, will check and monitor on a monthly basis the amounts of intra-Community transactions performed by the Dutch taxpayers based on their VAT returns. You can find more information on the manual Statistical Declaration ITG 2023.

What are Intrastat thresholds?

Intrastat declarations are due in all EU Member States when the value of the goods arrived or dispatched from or to another EU Member State exceed the applicable threshold. These thresholds are established by each EU Member State and every year revised. When a business exceeds a threshold in a Member State, they should continue to file the declarations for the entire year on a monthly basis. to exempt businesses performing a lower number of intra-Community transactions from the obligation of submitting Intrastat declarations. The thresholds for Intrastat obligations may change per year.

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30 Jan 2024 at 1:50 pm
3 min
Published by:
Lisa Terberg-Widdershoven
Intrastat Compliance Specialist
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