From Cruising to Cooking: Pincvision’s Exclusive Customer Event

The much-loved Pincvision Compliance Cruise, which melded insightful trade compliance workshops with a networking cruise, is gracefully making way for a new era: the Compliance Cuisine. This innovative event promises a day of learning, networking, and culinary delight, all within the relaxed, green and beautiful environment of the Garden of Amsterdam. In this blog our Marketer, Celine Meekes, will give you some ‘behind the scene’ insight in the organization and decision making behind this event.

A Blend of Learning and Relaxation

The heart of the Compliance Cuisine lies in the seamless blend of knowledge-sharing, relaxation, and culinary exploration. The event is designed to invigorate participants with insightful sessions and the charm of a hands-on culinary experience. We have chosen to approach the role of food different this time, so different that it seems like we almost invented a whole new concept: the interactive dinner.

Now you might wonder what to expect. I get that, so let me explain. During a four course dinner, prepared on the spot, our participants will get the opportunity to finish their own courses whilst the star worthy chefs take us on a culinary journey by telling us about the ingredients. Our participants can choose their own preferred level of involvement.

Then we wondered, what else can make you feel deeply relaxed? It turned out, the answer was right in our hands: coffee. We decided to invite the Coffee Crafters, led by Yakup Aydin, a coffee expert with over a decade of experience and a World Champion Coffee Crafter title on his name. Their skilled baristas are personally trained by Yakup and share their knowledge and passion with us to create an exceptional coffee experience for everyone. They will be at the Compliance Cuisine to make our day even better, from start to finish.

The Recipe to Productivity and Well-being at The Garden of Amsterdam

For a quarter of a century, The Garden of Amsterdam has been thriving on a remarkable insight that has transformed their space into something truly exceptional. It's no secret that people thrive in green environments. This realization made them decide to convert a part of their greenhouse into an exquisite event venue, putting the remarkable benefits of nature's touch in the center of every event held there. When we found this location, it immediately felt like the perfect place for the Compliance Cuisine. We really hope that this day will enable our guest to really get the ‘getting out of the office’ experience.

Nature has a way of breaking down barriers, and the green backdrop of this venue is no exception. The greenery brings a calming atmosphere, encouraging people to connect and communicate more freely. This makes The Garden of Amsterdam an ideal setting for meaningful interactions and collaborations. And maybe the most important reason for us to have picked this location: scientific studies have shown that being in a green environment sparks creativity. This aspect is particularly valuable during our workshops, where innovative thinking is key.

Key Ingredients of the day: the Workshops

This year, we have decided to offer three different workshops hosted by our own experts:

  • Digital (VAT) Transformation: How To Make RegTech Work For Your Company
  • How To Optimize Your Customs Processes and Create a Customs Control Framework
  • Plastic Packaging Tax & CBAM: Shaping the EU Green Deal's Impact on Your Business

The content of the workshops will be explained to you in the upcoming weeks by the presenters.

Social Responsibility at the Core of Every Decision

At Pincvision, our dedication to social responsibility guides us in every corporate decision we undertake. Naturally this applies to the decision making for the Compliance Cuisine too. From workshop topics that address eco-focused practices to the choice of culinary ingredients, every detail reflects the organization's dedication to a greener future.

11 Aug 2023 at 2:26 pm
3 min
Published by:
Celine Meekes
Content Marketer
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