New French EPR Rules: New Changes Introduced as from 1 january 2024

The French EPR regulations include the largest number of categories among all countries requiring EPR compliance. The most recent updates to these wide-ranging regulations apply to packaging, which is also the most commonly reported compliance category in France. New legislation (Decree No. 2023-305) means that as from the 1st of January 2024, the Paper EPR category has been merged with the existing Packaging category.

Impact of the Changes

This revision mainly integrates the extended responsibilities of household packaging and paper product producers. The changes mean that many businesses that sell paper products on the French market, with the exception of books, will no longer need to register for Paper EPR, but rather for Packaging EPR instead. Items such as brochures/leaflets, newspapers and reams of paper will fall within the scope of the newly merged Packaging EPR category.

Declarations and Contribution Fees

The newly combined Packaging category will continue to be managed by your existing Packaging Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO) and your Packaging EPR number will become valid for the Paper category. In addition to your current packaging reporting, you’ll be expected to declare your paper usage under the same category. PROs are also adjusting their contribution fee tariffs to take the merger into account, though the net effect of these changes is yet to be determined.

Pincvision for your Environmental compliance obligations

You can reach out to us in case you have any questions regarding Environmental compliance. We will keep you informed about the development regarding environmental obligations and enforcement.

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Citeo Newsroom

27 Feb 2024 at 1:15 pm
3 min
Published by:
Austen Kinsley
Environmental Compliance Analyst
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