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Pincvision exists 20 years. It has been quite some time since I started the company on my own. This sparkle started with a dream: permanent trade compliance as a service using advanced IT technology.

In 2016 I wrote a column (I'm not sure if the term "blog" was already popular in that year) on our website. I mentioned that I was excited about the progress of the development of our systems. I also noticed that multinationals were unable to match the quality and pace of development of trade compliance related systems in their internal organizations.

Nowadays, the solution for the challenges and developments in trade compliance has a fancy name: RegTech. IT systems in which professional expertise is integrated.

This concept reflects the direction exactly. If organizations want to meet trade compliance obligations in the future, they must use IT solutions. Available resources are an even greater challenge; the lack of knowledge is immense. However, software solutions are very complex and require high-level in-house expertise, high budgets and a long implementation period. That is why Pincvision believes in outsourcing trade compliance services. Our systems connect easily to ERP, we have the expertise in-house and can therefore offer very competitive solutions.

For all our services VAT, Intrastat, EPR, Exportdocuments, Customs and through our webshop we have implemented the RegTech components to provide the best quality services.

I leave it to you to judge whether the 20 years it has taken is a long or a short time. I am only proud that my dream has come true.

28 Oct 2022 at 4:00 pm
2 min
Published by:
Edo Bosga
CEO (Chief Executive Officer) & Founder
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