BLOG: A recap of the first two quarters by Marco Terberg

It is with great excitement that I share some fantastic news from our team at Pincvision. Our Sales & Marketing department is now operating at full capacity, as we warmly welcomed a new account manager, Stephen Gijsbers, on 1st May. With his arrival, we are well-positioned to embark on a journey towards realizing our ambitious plans for the future.

Regulatory Reporting services

Stephen will be focusing primarily on our Regulatory Reporting services, specializing in the impact of ViDA (VAT in the Digital Age). This comes at a perfect time, as we have reached the final stage of developing our eInvoicing & eReporting solution. We're excited to see the interest among our partners who are actively approaching us with inquiries about the impact of ViDA.

To address these queries and showcase our innovative solution, I will be co-hosting a webinar alongside Daniƫlle van der Meulen in the upcoming quarter about this exact topic. Initially, the webinar will be exclusively available to our valued partners. However, we plan to repeat the session for our entire network in the third quarter.

Compliance Cuisine

On a different note, please mark your calendars for an exciting event that is just around the corner. Save the date for our annual networking event on Thursday 21 September. This year, we're bringing a fresh twist to our traditional gathering, and it will be known as the Compliance Cuisine! While the Compliance Cruise has been retired, the Compliance Cuisine promises to be an engaging and memorable occasion that focuses on informal networking and knowledge exchange.

In the world of Trade Compliance, opportunities for networking events are scarce. However, we recognize the value of fostering connections within our industry. That's why we've decided to fill this void and offer a platform for compliance professionals through the Compliance Cuisine. We can't wait to see you there!

Slow down in order to speed up

But before we dive into these exciting ventures, let's not forget the importance of taking a well-deserved break. As I reflect upon the first two quarters of the year, it becomes evident how crucial it is to step back and recharge. Our work demands focus and dedication, but we must also remember the significance of slowing down in order to speed up. So, I encourage my fellow teammates and each one of you to make the most of the summer holidays and enjoy a well-deserved respite.

With the rapid pace of developments in our industry, I am confident that our paths will cross once again in the coming months. Stay tuned for further updates and announcements as we embark on this exciting journey together. Until then, have a fantastic summer!

23 Jun 2023 at 11:30 am
2 min
Published by:
Marco Terberg
Sales Manager
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