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Are you transporting goods across EU Member States? If so, this can result in the obligation to file Intrastat declarations. Intrastat is a detailed statistical reporting obligation. On the basis of this obligation, countries collect data for, among others, the national trade balance.

For this obligation, Intrastat thresholds and deadlines have been set per Member State for incoming and outgoing flows of goods. If the value of your movements of goods exceeds one of these thresholds within 1 year, you will be required to declare an Intrastat declaration.

Reconciliation with VAT

Fulfilling this obligation can bring many challenges. The knowledge and expertise of Pincvision’s specialists make sure that your Intrastat declarations are guaranteed. In addition, we connect your Intrastat data with your VAT and / or Customs reports. Read more about this reconciliation with VAT on our 'Reconciliation with VAT' page.

Automated solution

In order for you to make optimal use of our knowledge, our team has developed a special solution: DEVI (Declarations for Environmental, VAT & Intrastat). Read more about this solution on our "DEVI" page.

Our customer's experience!

Would you like to read experiences of our customers about our Intrastat service? Read the case study of one of our customers who works at a multinational on the page ‘Intrastat Case Study’.

What can you expect from us?

A burden-less process through correct and timely filed returns for all EU Member States. Would you like to know more about our Intrastat services? Request the brochure or contact us via +31(0)88-4321800 or send an email to


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