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Do you deliver goods with a value of more than € 1,200,000 from the Netherlands to other Member States in the EU? And/or do you acquire goods from other EU Member States in the Netherlands with a value of more than € 1,000,000? In that case, you are obliged to file Intrastat declarations with the CBS (Centraal Bureau voor Statistiek). Every EU Member State has its own Intrastat thresholds and declaration deadlines. It is important to keep a close eye on where you have obligations!

Intrastat is often experienced as a time-consuming job that has to be done 'next to your other activities' and this process returns monthly. Fortunately, you have now discovered that there is a partner to whom you can entrust your Intrastat declarations with confidence... The Intrastat specialists from Pincvision!

Meet your new Intrastat dashboard: DEVI

Pincvision has everything it takes to easily accommodate you. For this we have developed our own automated solution, called DEVI (Declarations for Environmental, VAT & Intrastat). How this process works?

  • You provide us with your data in the format that you already use.
  • In DEVI, your data is checked for completeness and accuracy.
  • Where adjustments are needed, we will immediately take care of it, or you will receive a message from us about what needs to be adjusted to improve your internal process.
  • Is the data complete and correct? Then we will submit the Intrastat declarations for you. In every country where you have obligations. Of course within the set deadlines.
  • We keep an eye on whether and where you exceed the threshold values. So you can be sure that declarations are submitted there where you are obliged to.


We have made the Intrastat process completely transparent for you in DEVI. This way you can see the status of your declarations and simply zoom in on details per country or per declaration. The management dashboard gives you insight into all your declarations within the EU at a glance. We can not make it easier and clearer for you!

Completely taken care of or customized services..? You choose!

The Intrastat services in DEVI can be completely customized. You can choose to hand over the entire process from A to Z to our specialists or choose how much support you would like per country. Everything is possible.

Check, check, double check! Reconciliation of Intrastat with VAT & Environmental declarations

In order to better monitor the quality of your processes, we can also reconcile your Intrastat declarations with your VAT returns and environmental declarations. Now you are sure that all your declarations are aligned and correct. This prevents audits and unnecessary fines.

More information?

If you would like to know more about our Intrastat services, please contact us. We are happy to show you a demo of our DEVI solution.


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