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Certificate of Origin (CO)

Pincvision takes over your entire process of issuing Certificates of Origin, on a global level. From now on, you will have a single point of contact for all your export shipments that require origin documents. The paperwork has the highest consistent quality which prevents unnecessary delays at the border.

When speed is of the essence...

In the world of logistics, speed is one of the most important factors. Your goods should reach their final destination as quickly as possible. Therefore, we developed our automated solution 'Export Documents in Control'.

Herewith we can guarantee you the fastest possible lead times. Our solution involves minimal IT efforts on your part, because you can send us your data in the (existing) format that you prefer (for example, xml or pdf). This makes Export Documents in Control easy to implement, in a short period of time!

A centralized global documents process

Pincvision makes it possible to centralize your supply chain, because we can issue origin documents for all your worldwide shipments, regardless of the country from where the goods depart. So even if your process consists of several international logistics flows, we can arrange the documents for you. You save time and costs by supporting direct shipments in your supply chain model.

Once the setup is done, the only thing you need to do is send us your commercial invoice data and we will do the rest. Based on legal document requirements per country, we determine whether a CO is required in the destination country. Export Documents in Control automatically takes the necessary information from your invoice and transfers this to the Certificate of Origin. Because our entire process is automated, you are guaranteed of the highest quality of export documentation.

For attestation of your documents we have a partnership with the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce and the American World Trade Chamber of Commerce. The constant quality of our export documents and our close working relationship with these authorities ensure the quickest possible processing. Usually already within minutes.

And that's not all...

  • Once the documents are finalized we print the documents at Pincvision or you can choose for our 'Printing on Location' service.
  • In case a country requires Embassy legalization of your documents, we will also arrange this for you. Don't worry about that!
  • We can setup specific business rules in case you have exception processes. For example: depending on the shipment method our solution decides whether or not a CO needs to be issued. To discuss the possibilities, please contact us.

Interested in learning more about our Certificate of Origin service, or about any of our other services? Contact us by clicking one of the buttons on the left.

Line.pngGeneral information about a Certificate of Origin: For some countries you export to, a Certificate of Origin (CO) is required. These are mostly countries in the Middle East and Africa. The CO is a widely used origin document. It indicates in which country a product is made. The Certificate of Origin is a non-preferential origin document and needs te be attested by a Chamber of Commerce. The regulations are laid down in the Union Customs Code.


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