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Saber/ SASO (Saudi Arabia)

As of 2020, all consumer goods that enter the Saudi market, whether imported or locally manufactured, must be registered in Saber. Click here to read more about Saber.

Our Saber Service consists of three steps:

  • Product Registration
  • Product Certificate
  • Shipment Certificate

First you provide us with your product data and we make sure that your products get registered in Saber via a Certified Body. This needs to be done once for all consumer goods.

Once a year, for all regulated products a Product Certificate needs to be uploaded in Saber. Send us your product data for validation by our specialists to determine whether goods are regulated or non-regulated products. For all regulated products we will provide a Product Certificate issued by a Certified Body.

Additionally, on shipment level you send us your Commercial Invoice (data). Our specialists will check the legal country import requirements to make sure the correct export/import documents, like a Certificate of Origin and Shipment Certificate, are added to your Saudi shipments.

For example, we issue a Certificate of Origin (CO) attested by the Chamber of Commerce and we request a Shipment Certificate. The CO will be added to your physical shipment, the Shipment Certificate will be uploaded in Saber.

Because of our close cooperation with the authorities (Chamber of Commerce & Embassies) and multiple Certified Bodies in Saudi Arabia, we can ensure the highest quality and the fastest lead times.

What is a Product Certificate

A Product Certificate needs to be issued for every regulated product group as defined in SASO’s Approved Regulations list. Product groups are based on HS Code and Origin. Depending on the product, it is determined which information and documents you must provide when applying for a Product Certificate. Requirements can be found in the product technical regulations. The Product Certificate is valid for a period of one year.

What is a Shipment Certificate

In addition to a Product Certificate, a Shipment Certificate is required for every shipment with regulated products. The Shipment Certificate is valid for that specific shipment only.

Would you like to know more about our Saber Support? Please contact us by clicking on one of the buttons on the left side of this page. We will gladly assist you.


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