What does Brexit mean for trade between Great Britain and Northern Ireland?

The UK government has published guidance on the VAT treatment of goods moving between Northern Ireland and Great Britain. Where the EU views these as export/import transactions, the UK has now issued a different view.

Goods moving between Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Based on this UK guidance goods moving between Great Britain and Northern Ireland will be treated as domestic supplies liable to VAT (unless exceptions apply, e.g. product specific reverse charges). In addition UK VAT will be due on movements of own goods from Great Britain to Northern Ireland. The UK VAT will be payable on the UK VAT Return and can be reclaimed under the normal rules. If the movement is not part of a sale or supply to a customer, there is however no requirement to charge VAT when the own goods are moved from Northern Ireland to Great Britain.

For more information, we'd like to refer to the policy paper of the UK Government "Accounting for VAT on goods moving between Great Britain and Northern Ireland from 1 January 2021".

Brexit whitepaper

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17 Nov 2020 at 12:45 pm
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Daniƫlle van der Meulen-Idema
Sr. VAT Specialist