SABER Product Certificate Renewals

When importing goods into Saudi Arabia, products are categorized into two groups: regulated and non-regulated. Regulated products, which include a wide range of items, require the submission of a Product Certificate of Conformity, also known as a PCOC. This certificate serves as evidence that the imported goods have been tested, meet the necessary standards, and comply with local regulations.

Product Certificates of Conformity are valid for a duration of one year, making the renewal process a recurring responsibility for businesses.

In late 2019, many companies arranged their initial certifications via SABER, marking the beginning of a yearly cycle. As the renewal deadline for most business is approaching, it is crucial to stay one step ahead and initiate preparations to avoid your goods being stuck at customs, non-compliance, and prevent additional costs.

The renewal process usually starts with assessing unsold products from the previous year and prioritizing the renewal of certificates for in-demand items. By strategically planning the renewal of these items and taking a proactive approach, businesses can ensure compliance, reduce costs, and avoid potential disruptions in their Supply Chain. Timely renewal of Product Certificates also demonstrates a commitment to quality, safety, adherence to local regulations, and strengthening your position in the Saudi Arabian market.

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13 Jun 2023 at 10:13 am
1 min
Published by:
Akin Ilkyaz
Account Manager
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