DMS scan

As a GPA declarant or responsible manager of the GPA process, you would like to map out the impact and capabilities of the new DMS declaration system so that the migration from GPA to DMS becomes transparent to you. In this way, you can be sure that you will be compliant with the new declaration requirements and the supervision of Dutch Customs.

What does our DMS scan look like?

You'll receive a questionnaire created by our specialists. Based on your answers, we will map your current declaration processes and collect information that will help you make the right choices for DMS. During the scan, various topics within your organization will be mapped, such as:

  • Declaration processes
  • Stock administration
  • Licenses
  • Business and declaration systems
  • AEO
  • Resources
  • Knowledge
  • Supervision
  • Representation
  • The new DMS scenarios

You have filled in the questionnaire: what is next?

After the questionnaire is completed and you have sent it back to us, we will discuss your answers with you to paint an accurate picture. A data scan of your current process is then performed to gain insight into the quality of your data and the current GPA declaration process. In order to execute the scan, we will make use your article master file with HS codes, the ENT file of your GPA or an AGS data dump (from Customs).

The entire input is analyzed, tested and processed into a pragmatic report that is presented to the stakeholders within your company. After performing the scan and based on the results, we will further assist you with the transition to DMS. You can think of expertise for implementation and execution of (automated) control processes. Pincvision's specialists are also happy to support you (remotely) operationally or from a customs management role.

Pincvision guides you through the entire GPA & DMS process

Pincvision has over 10 years of experience in guiding GPA declarants, validating GPA declarations (data), setting up GPA processes, data mapping, implementations and repair activities. We are up to date with the latest DMS developments because Pincvision is represented in the GPA-DMS committee with Customs and industry representatives.

Are you, as an AGS declarant or responsible manager for the AGS declarations, also interested in the DMS scan or applying for the IIAA (Registration in the Declarant's Administration) permit? Don't hesitate to get in touch with us!

Be fully prepared for the transition from GPA to DMS through our DMS scan!

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Be fully prepared for the transition from GPA to DMS through our DMS scan.

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