Normal procedure (DMS 4.0)

During the DMS migration, it is of great importance that your source data and processes are set up correctly, in order for you to comply with all declaration obligations. Putting 'all the pawns' in the right place can be a difficult process. Do you need help with this, or do you want to outsource the entire process including the filing of your declarations? Then our experts in all customs fields are ready to get it of your hands or offer you all the help you need.

What options do you have?

In DMS 4.0 you can submit Import and Export declarations in the so-called 'normal procedure', also called ‘scenario 1’ in DMS terms. This is the most used type of declaration by companies and can be handled in three ways:

1. Outsourcing via Customs Representation
2. Outsourcing under own authorization
3. File the declarations yourself

For the outsourcing process (1 and 2), you need to submit data to Pincvision, via a so-called API interface. If you work with SAP, a SAP plug-in is available for quick integration with your ERP system, and you can handle the declaration process entirely via SAP. We will be happy to tell you exactly how this works IT-wise during an appointment.

Outsourcing via Customs Representation

Do you not (yet) have customs authorizations, but need help with submitting your customs declarations? Then we can take over the declaration process for you. Together with you, we will look at your needs and tailor our entire solution to your processes. Nice idea, right?

Outsourcing under your own authorization

Do you have more than 1,000 declarations per year, and would you like to outsource the implementation, but still use your own authorizations? Then Pincvision can submit or transfer the license application together with you and take over and monitor the entire declaration process. All you have to do is provide the data, and our experts will take care of all your worries. Now you can focus on all your other tasks!


To prepare and understand the declaration yourself, you obviously need knowledge of the declaration process. If you have sufficient knowledge and capacity in your organization, you can consider using software to handle the declarations yourself. Naturally, Customs authorizations are required for this option.

Do you have insufficient knowledge and/or capacity in your organization? No worries. We can handle these declarations under your own authorization.

Is it the case that you declare less than 1,000 export declarations annually and/or cannot provide structural data using an API interface or SAP ERP system? Then visit our website www.exportdocuments.com or contact us via our contact form to find out the option best suitable for you.

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