Revised Measures for Importers in Egypt by GOEIC

The General Organization for Export and Import Control in Egypt (GOEIC) has made significant regulatory adjustments impacting importers in the country. In a recent statement, GOEIC declared that importers are now required to submit their Certificate of Inspection (COI) within 45 days of issuance for customs clearance purposes.

This modified measure, effective since September 2023, is part of a broader strategy to streamline import procedures and enhance quality control. It also stipulates that changes to the COI after issuance are not allowed from September 2023 onwards. This decision was made in collaboration with various partners of GOEIC, including the internationally recognized inspection company SGS.

These changes underscore the Egyptian authorities' commitment to improving the efficiency and reliability of their import processes.

Yang Ho – SGS

04 Dec 2023 at 9:54 am
1 min
Published by:
Iryna Wolters-Khomenko
Export Documentation Agent
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