Publication about the origin of products from the by Israel occupied territories

On November 12th there has been published a interpretative notice by the European Commission about the indication of origin of products from the by Israel occupied territories. This has been published in the gazette of the European Union (C375-2015).

This because there are a lot of questions coming from companies and consumers to have clearness about how to deal with existing EU-law. (directive 2005/29) EUR-Lex

The European commission has published a factsheet with answers to all possible questions. EEAS Europa

The interpretative notice is not new legislation, it clarifies certain elements linked to the interpretation and the effective implementation of existing EU legislation. It aims to provide Member States, economic operators and consumers with the necessary information on the indication of origin of products when it comes to products originating in Israeli settlements beyond Israel’s 1967 borders.

In a nutshell, the interpretative notice recalls that when the indication of origin is mandatory, i.e. explicitly required by the relevant provisions of EU law, it must be correct and not misleading. When the indication of origin is not mandatory but it is provided on a voluntary basis, the information must also be correct and not mislead the consumer.

Source: vno-ncw

25 Nov 2015 at 1:23 pm