Uncertainty about documents Saudi Arabia

In the past few days there have been rumors about the requirements regarding export documents to Saudi Arabia. As of January 21, it would be obligated to offer the Certificate of Origin and the corresponding invoice digitally to the Saudi Customs.

The purpose of this digitization is that the documents are known by the Saudi Customs before the shipment arrives. The program that is used for this is named Exportal. The digital documents will progressively replace the paper versions.

However, please be aware that this news only regards a Pilot in Belgium. At the moment there is no binding obligation for Dutch businesses.

What does this mean for you?

We strongly advise you not to take any action as of now, but to wait for formal briefing from the Dutch Chamber of Commerce . The Pincvision team will immediately inform you whenever there is any news about this subject. As soon as the change takes place, our tooling Export Documents in Control will be fully equipped to facilitate this change effortlessly.

How do I keep up to date?

The Dutch Chamber of Commerce and the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) are discussing what the change means for you as an exporter. Pincvision has close contact with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, therefore we are informed directly if anything changes in the documents process for Saudi Arabia. If so, we will provide you with an update.

If you have any questions, please sent an e-mail to j.vanochten@pincvision.com or call +31(0)314-695200.

15 Jan 2015 at 4:57 pm