Update Verpakkingswet Duitsland: Geldboetes?

*Dit nieuwsbericht is alleen in het Engels beschikbaarIn 2019, Germany introduced a new packaging law to stimulate the usage of more eco-friendly packaging and increase recycling rates. Now, a year later, the authorities are threatening with fines for companies that are not compliant with the new packaging law.

German packaging law

The law was made up to ensure participation in the recycling system. Anyone that puts packaging onto the German market, in any form, must also take responsibility for it and make sure the packaging is processed somehow. All manufacturers, sellers or distributors of sales packaging must therefore join a dual system. In practice, this means not only reporting to the authorities but also to for example a compliance scheme. They will make sure the packaging is returned and/or processed.

Enforcement of the packaging law

The recent changes to the German packaging law were not only made to stimulate the use of more eco-friendly packaging and increase recycling rates, but also to make stricter enforcement possible. The authority for packaging in Germany is the Stiftung Zentralle Stelle. They compare the reports that are done with them, with the reports that are done with for example the compliance schemes I mentioned earlier.


Many manufacturers and distributors have complied with this new packaging law, proved by the numbers Stiftung Zentralle Stelle has shared. Previous years they had 60,000 registered companies, as of right now there are 170,000 companies registered. Still, many manufacturers and other companies are still in the dark on these new obligations. Stiftung Zentralle Stelle has announced they found violations of the law and around 2000 companies are risking fines because of these violations.

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Source: STRICK Rechtsanwälte

22 feb. 2020 at 08:30