De verpakkingsmarkt in Duitsland is wéér in beweging

Even while the year 2022 is still young a lot of changes have taken place in the world of environmental compliance. Germany, as always, is amending their main environmental laws as well. Several obligations are already in place starting 1-1-2022, others come into force later in the year.

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Based on the VerpackG, the main packaging law in Germany, there is a lot of obligations to fulfill in Germany. Since the beginning of this year, there have also been some newly added obligations added to the already relatively long list. The most important recent changes are:

Registration obligation for final distributors of service packaging

Starting 1-7-2022, all final distributors of service packaging will be obliged to register with the Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister (ZVR, the authority on packaging in Germany). This entails that even if another party is taking-over responsibility for you, you still have to register since on paper your party is obligated.

Registration obligation for all manufacturers

Starting 1-7-2022, all manufacturers of packaged products will be obliged to register with the ZVR. This innovation applies in particular to transport, sales and outer packaging in the commercial sector or reusable packaging. Pincvision suspects a more strict enforcement incoming, which was already quite strict in comparison to other EU countries. Several of those obligations were already in place in practice but are now made official.

Inspection obligation in e-commerce

Starting 1-7-2022, electronic marketplaces such as Amazon will be obliged to check if their partners are registered for their environmental compliance. If those partners aren’t, they must be served a distribution ban according to the VerpackG. Amazon already responded to this law by making a (packaging) registration number required. They also did this in France, for example.

Increase in recycling rates

Starting 1-1-2022, the recycling quotas for all material fractions will be increased.
Recycling rates of 90% for packaging made of glass, aluminium, tinplate, paper, cardboard and cardboard are very ambitious against the background that in some cases less than 90% of packaging is collected correctly by consumers.
Still, Germany doesn’t mind being ambitious on the environmental level.

Pincvision for your Environmental compliance obligations

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