Europese Commissie wil dat meer draagbare batterijen worden ingezameld

*Dit nieuwsbericht is alleen in het Engels beschikbaarThe European Commission (EC) wants more portable batteries to be collected. The current collection percentage for 2025 must go from 45 percent to 65 percent. In 2030, 70 percent must be collected. There will also be minimal quantities for recycled raw materials.

In addition to increasing these collection targets, the EC also wants a specific target to be set for waste batteries from light vehicles. She expects batteries from this sector to increase. This is evident from the EC proposal to modernize the EU Batteries Directive.

Sustainable batteries essential to objectives of the European Green Deal

In particular, the EC advocates more sustainable batteries. According to her, batteries that are more sustainable throughout their life cycle are essential to the objectives of the European Green Deal and contribute to the ambition to reduce pollution to zero. Therefore, batteries placed on the EU market need to be durable, high-performing and safe throughout their life cycle.

Recycled material

In addition, the EC sets mandatory requirements for batteries placed on the EU market, such as the use of responsibly produced materials with limited use of hazardous substances and a minimum amount of recycled materials.

She wants batteries to contain at least 12 percent recycled cobalt, 85 percent recycled lead, 4 percent recycled lithium and 4 percent recycled nickel by 2030. From 2035, it will be 20 percent cobalt, 10 percent lithium and 12 percent nickel.

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23 feb. 2021 at 13:44
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