Aanvullende vereisten voor Intrastat-rapportage in Hongarije en België vanaf 2019

*This news article is only available in English. In the context of the European reform of the Intrastat declaration to make the Intrastat declarations less burdensome on the long term, some practical changes regarding expanding the dispatch declarations will take place. For now, this will only affect Hungary and Belgium, but the expectation is that more countries will follow in the same line.

The practical change consists of adding two fields in the declarations:

  • The country of origin of the goods. In most cases, this is already being reported on the arrival declarations.
  • The VAT number of the counterparty. This is already obligatory for Intrastat dispatch declarations within various EU member states: France, Poland, Italy, Romania, Portugal.

These additional requirements will probably be available within most ERP systems as they are often pulled out for the purposes above. If not, the declarant should implement these changes in the upcoming months.

Timeline of the additional requirements

These additions will be mandatory in Belgium as from 2019, meaning in February for the reporting of the January period. In Hungary, they will be optional during 2019 and mandatory as from 2020. However, it is recommended to implement the requirements as soon as possible given the expectation this will be the future standard for all Intrastat declarations.

What does this mean for you?

For our customers who have outsourced their Intrastat reporting to Pincvision, we will investigate the current process and will get in contact with you in case changes to your process are required.

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23 nov. 2018 at 13:42