​Uitstel SAF-T deadline in april?

*Dit nieuwsartikel is alleen in het Engels beschikbaarSeveral messages that were seen in the news lately state that the new Polish SAF-T will be postponed for large businesses. The Polish Ministry of Development indeed announced on a press conference last Tuesday that the Government is to prepare special regulations with special measures due to the corona virus.

One of the changes that is supposed to be made is to postpone the implementation of the new SAF-T VAT file for big entities till July 1, 2020. However, there is no draft of the regulations published yet. It was said it will be published early next week and it should be voted on during the next session of the Parliament on March 25 and 26.

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So it is still too early to confirm that this information is certain, but postponement seems to be realistic. Obviously, we will further inform you when there is more news. Would you like to receive monthly news updates? Subscribe to the Pincvision newsletter and stay informed about the latest news updates!

13 mrt. 2020 at 14:11