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Global Broker Window

Global Broker Window is a fully automated customs monitoring system that verifies customs declarations, against internal company source data to generate management information. For example, Customs value, HTS coding, origin and lead times.

Are you doing business worldwide?

In order to facilitate your broker and risk management and enable you to have direct insight in your brokers’ activities, Pincvision created the solution “Global Broker Window”. This gives you visibility on data through an intuitive graphical interface.

The information you receive from your brokers is uploaded in the tool. This is then displayed in your window through maps, graphs and colors representing various risk levels. Together we will define the risk levels specifically tailored to match your organizations needs. This gives you insight in the risks you run and where, allowing you to manage your priorities.

Here you can read more about the benefits of Global Broker Window and our relating services.

Some facts about Global Broker Window:

  • Support of a variety of customer data sources including relational, structured and semi structured data
  • Easily extendable data model based on WCO model
  • Advanced authorization based on region, theaters or legal entities
  • Add and maintain customer specific thresholds and options
  • Easy integration with public, customer or partner specific compliance data
  • Access your data from anywhere
  • No desktop installation, easy to use with a simple web interface
  • Secure platform for sharing data including archiving
  • Insights via online dashboard with advanced visualizations, possibilities to customize and add charts and visualizations

Experience the benefits of Global Broker Window for your organization. Request a demo or contact us for more information. Call +31(0)88-4321800 or click on one of the left menu buttons.


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