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Reconciliation with Intrastat

Pincvision goes a step further in its services than the ‘mere’ reporting of data.

In some EU countries, collecting Intrastat data is the responsibility of the local Tax and Customs authority. In other EU member states, there is no Central Bureau of Statistics law in effect which guarantees that the Intrastat data is made available to the local Tax and Customs authority. In these cases, carelessness or incompleteness in your Intrastat data can provide the Tax and Customs authority with a reason to conduct a VAT audit at your company.

Pincvision can perform a reconciliation for you between your VAT and Intrastat data. This will increase the quality of your returns, and in many cases, prevent the need for an audit.

Interested in learning more about our approach to Reconciliation with Intrastat, or about one of our other services?


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