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European Sales Listing

European Sales List also applies to services

For many years, the European Sales List (ESL) only applied to transactions involving the delivery of goods between the EU member states. As of January 2010, an ESL was also introduced for cross border services within the EU. In addition, as from 2010 the ESL for goods will have to be filed on a monthly basis when the country specific threshold is exceeded and tight deadlines were introduced.

The ESL is the Trojan horse in the EU battle against VAT fraud. For this reason, it is very important that you meet the requirements for this report accurately, completely and on time. Pincvision can guarantee this for you thanks to its central declaration architecture. And can do this at a fixed price per return.

Your ESL; our ESL services

  • Data handling
    Based on the country-specific requirements, data is mapped out and then corrected as needed. Our central return architecture makes it possible to combine data from various sources and (ERP) systems.
  • Data validation
    Company VAT name/number verification.
  • Reconciliation
    Reconciliation of the European Sales List report (ESL) with your VAT returns.
  • Filing
    Timely filing of the European Sales Listing.
  • Retention obligation
    The requirement to keep all ESL reports and the company’s VAT name/number verification on file, including the audit trail, for the period required by law of at least 7 years.
  • Insight
    Customized monthly management reporting.
  • Support
    Pincvision provides VAT-audit support and when it comes to all of your Intra-community-supplies-related questions, and acts as the primary contact for the authorities and your internal organization.

Interested in learning more about our approach to your European Sales Listing, or about one of our other services?


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