VAT statistical sampling

Do you know if you are at risk or do you assume that these risks remain within reasonable limits?

The Dutch tax authorities carry out tax controls through statistical sampling. With statistical sampling, the operation of fiscal processes are quickly and effectively tested and tax risks will be discovered.

  • Are your declarations filed correctly?
  • How good is the quality of your VAT processes?
  • Is your organization "in control"?

In the coming years, the number of tax audits by the Dutch tax authorities will increase significantly. To do so, the tax authorities will structurally increase the number of inspectors. The choice is up to you, do you keep the monitoring into your own hands or do you leave it up to the tax authorities?

Reasons to carry out Statistical Sampling

The VAT specialists of Pincvision advise organizations to keep monitoring into their own hands and carry out Statistical Sampling themselves, in order to:

  • test the accuracy of filed VAT returns
  • discover unrecognized risks or non-working controls
  • assess the quality of your VAT processes
  • make a good impression towards the tax authorities
  • show a proactive attitude
  • provide the tax authorities with information before an audit
  • avoid surprises and be ahead of the tax authorities
  • have findings analyzed and quantified
  • get "in control".

The ultimate goal is to provide more insight and confidence in the quality of your own processes and VAT returns.

Have the statistical sampling audit conducted by a specialist?

Pincvision gladly supports you to take a close look at your VAT returns. We have developed the service Statistical Sampling with a unique way of approach.

  • Research Together with you, our specialist will determine the scope and set the population. Our software will randomly check entries (based on the statistical method) to be further investigated.
  • Results You will receive the findings of the research in the form of a report with quantified results, concrete improvements and recommendations. Our VAT specialist will run through the report with you so everything is clear.
  • Support You do not have to follow-up the recommendations yourself, let us take care of it.

We can carry out the Statistical Sampling in the form of an annual audit (either several years) or as a recurring service (as part of the VAT return preparation). This way you can proactively react/take the appropriate actions.

More information

Would you like to make an appointment with one of our VAT specialists on Statistical Sampling or would you like to get some more information? Please feel free to contact us.We are happy to explain you why we think that keeping control of Statistical Sampling is a wise choice for your organization.

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