Proof of Delivery (POD)

To substantiate the correct use of the zero VAT rate for intra-Community supply of goods (EC Sales) and Export of goods, enterprises need to be able to proof that the goods are transported cross-border and that the goods have actually left the country of supply. This can be done by means of various documents, referred to as Proof of Delivery information. Remarkably, the process to ensure that Proof of Delivery (POD) information is available, does often not exist within these enterprises.

You should either collect the POD information from your Logistics Service Provider (LSP) or your customer. This depends on the way the transport is organized. To be compliant, it is of importance to collect, save and store this information in case of a VAT audit. This is often a fragile manual process which can be very consuming, which by nature is error-prone.

To support you with the POD collection process, Pincvision developed the “Proof of Delivery (POD) service

Multiple benefits of the Pincvision POD service

  • You can choose whether to focus your POD collection process on all your intra-Community transactions, or only on those transactions that are customer routed pick-up shipments.
  • Even if you are not involved in the physical delivery of the products, you still want to manage the process controls within other departments where you can manage potential VAT risks. The Pincvision POD service support you in this.
  • Your periodic compliance reporting process is linked to your POD collection process and these are stored in the corresponding period of time.
  • All your collected PODs are archived and stored for up to 7 years.
  • You ensure the collection of the necessary evidence in an efficient, automated and consistent manner.

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We are happy to tell you why we think that collecting and storing your POD information is a wise choice for your organization.

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