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Reconciliation with VAT

It is important that your Intrastat returns are aligned with the data that you use with your VAT returns. Consistent reporting overall trade related reporting obligations prevents mismatches which may trigger audits.

The monthly process of validation, checks and feedback of findings, results in a continuous process of quality assurance and a clear and consistent reporting of your trade obligations. Often the consequence of an incorrect Intrastat declaration is underestimated and people are unfamiliar with the implications this may have for other obligations such as Customs and VAT. This, even thoughaudits often target those obligations for which authorities can impose higher retrospective claims or apply other charges and penalties.

Fortunately, Pincvision can help you with this!

Not only do we ensure that your data aligns seamlessly with your VAT data. We also make sure that your data remains up-to-date and of high-quality through continuous validation and checks on the data of your goods.


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