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Proof of Delivery (POD) Service

Intrastat deals with intra-Community supplies of goods and captures information on delivery terms. Intra-Community supplies are treated with a zero VAT which may result in VAT risks that need to be managed.

In order to substantiate the correct use of the zero VAT rate, the EU cross-border supply must be substantiated. This can be done by means of various documents, also known as 'Proof of Delivery (POD)'. Even though it can have major VAT implications, the process of ensuring that POD information is available, strangely enough, is often nonexistent. However, if there is a process, it is usually a fragile, time-consuming, manual and error-prone process.

Depending on the way the transport is arranged, you need to collect the POD information from your logistics service provider (LSP) or your customer. You can initiate the POD collection process from the Intrastat data and thus ensure that you have this process embedded in your compliance cycle to make sure the needed information is available during a VAT audit.

Pincvision has developed the 'POD service' to ensure that the proof of delivery information is collected and the process is properly automated.

Some benefits of our POD service

  • You can choose to focus your POD collection process on all your intra-Community transactions, or only on those transactions that are customer routed pick-up shipments.
  • Your Intrastat data can be leveraged to ensure the POD collection process for managing your VAT risks is embedded in your monthly compliance cycle.
  • The collected POD's will be archived for you in the corresponding period and will be stored for at least 7 years.
  • You collect the necessary evidence in an automated, efficient and consistent way.


Would you like to make an appointment with one of our VAT specialists about our POD service, or would you like to get some more information?

Read our blog 'The importance & challenge of managing the Proof of intra-Community supply of goods' or contact us directly!

We are happy to tell you why we think that collecting and storing your POD information is a wise choice for your organization.


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