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A.TR Certificate

An A.TR document is an origin document specifically intended for exports between EU countries and Turkey.

The EU has concluded a customs agreement with Turkey, which makes it possible to import most goods into Turkey without having to pay import duties. The condition is that the provenance of the goods lies in the EU or Turkey. This statement is captured on the A.TR document. The A.TR will be validated by the customs authorities at the same time as the export declaration.

Although an A.TR certificate is not a legal requirement, our customers often choose to provide this document during customs clearance to avoid delays and to save costs on import duties.

How do you request an A.TR certificate?

Pincvision has extensive experience in issuing A.TR documents for shipments to Turkey. Send us your commercial invoice (data) and export declaration and we will prepare the documents for you. We will forward you the A.TR with the required customs stamps, so that your shipment is ready to leave. An A.TR is valid for 4 months, so please ensure that the import clearance is done within 4 months after customs has stamped and signed the A.TR Certificate.


For most steel products and agricultural goods an A.TR cannot be used, because these products do not fall under the trade agreement the EU has with Turkey. Export documents that can be used as an alternative for these products are a EUR. 1 or EUR-MED.

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