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Export documents Case Study

Within Pincvision there is nothing more important than a satisfied customer.

We are very proud that Meir Hidana, Director Global Logistics at Dolby is willing to share his experiences on the reopening of the Saudi Arabia market and the implications this had on Dolby’s business. Read how Dolby took the approach of using compliance as a business enabler. Partnering with Pincvision allowed them to take responsibility of issuing export documents as a courtesy to their buyers, so they don't have to bother with this.

Meir Hidana:

"By using Pincvision’s ’end-to-end’ solution for the documentation process, we are able to significantly improve the ease of doing business. We are actually getting a lot of positive feedback from our customers. Saying that they did not believe this could go that fast and that easy.”

"Pincvision's speedy reaction in terms of implementation was crucial to our success in Saudi."

Through this case study, Meir gives a general picture of the collaboration between Pincvision and Dolby and he outlines the benefits of our Export documents service.

Click here to read the case study 'Trade compliance challenges in Saudi Arabia: an administrative burden or a business enabler?'

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