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KUCAS (Kuwait)

To verify the conformity of all 'Regulated Products' that are exported to Kuwait, specific guidelines are implemented by the Public Authority for Industry of the State of Kuwait (PAI). These guidelines are enforced, and form the Kuwait Conformity Assurance Scheme (KUCAS).

The KUCAS scheme consists of several procedures to verify that the goods to be imported meet all technical requirements of Kuwait for imported and domestic products.

Thanks to our partnerships with world's leading inspection companies, Pincvision can act as your intermediary to simplify the registration process and request the KUCAS Certificate(s). This is all done via our solution 'Export Documents in Control'. An additional advantage for you is that from now on you only have a single point of contact for all your export shipments that require a Certificate of Conformity.

How do you request a KUCAS certificate?

Send your commercial invoice and our team ensures that your KUCAS certificate is drawn up and accredited by a certified body. For the Kuwait Conformity Program a pre-shipment inspection is mandatory. Pincvision has set up processes with the certified bodies to ensure the inspection is less invasive and lead times will be reduced. Examples: possibilities for remote inspections, or pre-defined time slots for inspections.

If you prefer an inspection company because your products are already registered with this company, please let us know, we have a partnership with several parties. As soon as the document is ready you will receive the digital certificate from us. Please note that the average lead time for obtaining a KUCAS certificate is around 3 - 4 working days, mostly depending on the physical inspection.

Interested in learning more about our KUCAS service, or about any of our other services? Contact us by clicking one of the buttons on the left.


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