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Environmental Compliance Scan

Not sure whether your environmental policy is waterproof? The Environmental Business Level Assessment maps that out for you, quickly and clearly.

Environmental compliance obligations are amongst the most complex trade compliance obligations within the EU. Producer responsibility for WEEE, batteries and packaging holds producers responsible for the costs of managing their products at end of life. The Environmental producer responsibility directives are interpreted differently by each of the 28 EU Member States, resulting in 28 local legislations per obligation that need to be taken into account.

Importance of environmental compliance

The WEEE recast gives Member States more enforcement rights and obliges them to include penalties in their national legislation. If your organization does not comply with this legislation, you run the risk that your competitors report you to the authorities as a "free-rider", because you've been avoiding your obligations. Therefore, put your processes in order as soon as possible and avoid penalties and reputational damage. Pincvision gladly supports you with this.

Are you sure that your environmental policy is compliant?

The Pincvision Environmental Business Level Assessment will give you direct insight in your current situation and the steps necessary in becoming compliant. During the Environmental Business Level Assessment all relevant information from your business structure will be collected. This information allows our Environmental specialists to assess and validate environmental compliance obligations that need to be met.

Benefits of the Environmental Business Level Assessment

  • Direct insight in the status and possible steps towards environmental compliance
  • Working together with a partner who has the knowledge of all 28 EU local legislations
  • Your compliance processes are validated against the battery and packaging directive.
  • Implementation of WEEE recast

You probably heard or read a lot about the new introduced WEEE recast, a change in the European directive 2002/96/EC. The WEEE recast is a modification of directive 2002/96/EC on Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). The first priority of this directive is the prevention, re-use and recycling of WEEE. In the interest of clarity, because a number of substantial changes were required, the directive has been recast.

Read more about the main changes of the WEEE recast.

Are your processes in compliance with all environmental compliance obligations? Do not run risks. Make an appointment with our specialists today.

Would you like insight into your entire trade compliance process? We make it possible! Opt for the full Trade Compliance Scan.


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